The measuring nail

Measuring point

Measuring nail

As a small boy I always walked with my head down. Diminutive, to be sure, and the school doctor didn’t approve either. I either didn’t understand him or didn’t heed the advice, because I kept bringing picked up stuff home. Pens. Cigarette lighters. Coins. I once even came home with a pocket full of broken glass (from a car window) which – in my magical world – would contain at least some diamonds.

While learning to walk straight up, the quantity of collected odds and ends dwindled and I started to note other things. People, for instance. This is also why I have absolutely no idea when the things in this picture started to show up in the streets. In The Netherlands you see them everywhere, nowadays. It turns out land surveyors pound these into the ground to mark points they have measured.

As I have been cramming out posts on this blog for half a year now, it is time to pound a nail in the ground as well and evaluate. As promised, I won’t do this here, but over at the meta companion blog.


About Gooi Weg

Always travels with something on his head, and a camera in his pocket. Successful loser.
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4 Responses to The measuring nail

  1. I love your story about your childhood. My sister was like that and brought home money; I was jealous. 🙂 I love this photo too! I adore strange details like this. Perfect! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Gooi Weg says:

      I hope your sister learned to walk straight up too, and notice the rest of the world. Like you do in your work and blogging (great stuff by the way!)

  2. Benny says:

    I truly appreciate your post. Great site!

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