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A wet posterior

Airplanes are chock full of signs instructing he reader what to do and – more often – what not to do. This is a logical consequence of the security culture within the airline industry. Press handle to open door Caution! … Continue reading

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Strangely, the best pictures I take seem to be guided by chance. It happened with this one and this one, and last Tuesday it happened again. I’m having a week off right now. A week, to just relax and do … Continue reading

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Thrown away

As you probably noticed already, the header that graces this blog is an outtake of this picture; the contents of a trash can after a meeting. When I was looking for what to study, I visited several universities. On one … Continue reading

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The measuring nail

As a small boy I always walked with my head down. Diminutive, to be sure, and the school doctor didn’t approve either. I either didn’t understand him or didn’t heed the advice, because I kept bringing picked up stuff home. … Continue reading

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