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Hi there!

Long ago I worked as a contractor for a government agency. It was tremendous fun. The business processes were super interesting, there was a bunch of premier league professionals to work with and my role was the most fun of … Continue reading

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I don’t know what the first application of the wheel might have been, but the wheelbarrow is definitely one of the candidates. Modern times might have made wheels perform better, the looks have not improved in all cases, evidence above … Continue reading

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A post about knotting

Once I went sailing with a mountain climber. This was also the day I learned not all knots are created equally. Sailing needs wind and water and that day provided us with lots of both. After a great, but very … Continue reading

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Staring at nothing

As kids, puling a leg … One of the silly games we loved to play as kids was to point at nothing in particular and in the middle of a crowd cry out “Look there!” A second kid (the accomplice-by-winking) … Continue reading

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