A post about knotting

An orange knot

An orange knot

Once I went sailing with a mountain climber. This was also the day I learned not all knots are created equally.

Sailing needs wind and water and that day provided us with lots of both. After a great, but very wet sailing experience the skipper asked the mountain climber to tie the ship to the shore. She jumped ashore and fastened the boat with a good knot. A knot with attitude.

Knots in mountaineering and sailing have basically the same goal: to fasten something. In sailing the additional requirement to knots should be easy to undo as well. In mountaineering your life depends on a knot holding out, so you very much do not want them to be undone easily.

After tying the boat up, my friend the mountain climber sped to the club house to warm up, leaving us with her knot. Which was hooked up to the wrong pole. The skipper jumped ashore to unfasten it. She stared at the knot. The knot stared back. She blinked. The knot kept staring.

Even when we had hauled our mountain climber from the warm club house, it took a long time in the pouring rain to execute the undo operation and hook the boat to the correct pole. With a sailor’s knot.

The knot in this picture is a sailing nor a mountaineering one. It’s just very… orange.


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  1. “It’s just very… orange.” Perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

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