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shutdown -s now

As the people who have read my About page might know, I have a background in information technology. I have a master’s degree in computer science and have grown up using SunOS and Sun Solaris machines. Although I do not … Continue reading

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The measuring nail

As a small boy I always walked with my head down. Diminutive, to be sure, and the school doctor didn’t approve either. I either didn’t understand him or didn’t heed the advice, because I kept bringing picked up stuff home. … Continue reading

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Hi there!

Long ago I worked as a contractor for a government agency. It was tremendous fun. The business processes were super interesting, there was a bunch of premier league professionals to work with and my role was the most fun of … Continue reading

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This blog will fail!

I have several goals this year. One is to become more proficient in writing. Another is to become more used to taking risks and adapt a willingness to fail in order to succeed. This blog is a means to reach … Continue reading

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