A heinous grin

A heinous grin

The route from my home to the shopping mall is about 2 kilometers. To amuse me, the municipality has scattered it with colorful sculptures. In thanks for their effort I passed this chap at least four hundred times before noticing him. The thing, which holds the middle between a chair and a playground slide, is in front of something that appears to be a kindergarten. Like Steven King’s Charlie the Choo-Choo it appears friendly enough at first glance. But you’ll have to admit this grin is decidedly evil…

The nameplate for the sculpture: The play chair (1992) by Jan Snoeck

Update january 2012: I skipped the usual factoid section for art objects because I didn’t have any hope of finding anything about this sculpture anywhere. Again I had been looking with my nose, as right in front of it there is a huge nameplate. DuckDuckGo helped me with the rest. Jan Snoeck (1927) is a Dutch sculptor who has sown a plethora of bright sculptures all over The Netherlands (and France).

For all pages below: Dutch alert!
His own  website
Dutch wikipedia entry
Entry in a Dutch artist database

A similar chair as depicted above is apparently for sale; no price mentioned.


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