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A wet posterior

Airplanes are chock full of signs instructing he reader what to do and – more often – what not to do. This is a logical consequence of the security culture within the airline industry. Press handle to open door Caution! … Continue reading

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Strangely, the best pictures I take seem to be guided by chance. It happened with this one and this one, and last Tuesday it happened again. I’m having a week off right now. A week, to just relax and do … Continue reading

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Hi there!

Long ago I worked as a contractor for a government agency. It was tremendous fun. The business processes were super interesting, there was a bunch of premier league professionals to work with and my role was the most fun of … Continue reading

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A post about knotting

Once I went sailing with a mountain climber. This was also the day I learned not all knots are created equally. Sailing needs wind and water and that day provided us with lots of both. After a great, but very … Continue reading

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Staring at nothing

As kids, puling a leg … One of the silly games we loved to play as kids was to point at nothing in particular and in the middle of a crowd cry out “Look there!” A second kid (the accomplice-by-winking) … Continue reading

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