IMG_1244 is in search of a title!

The image of an apartment building, reflected in a ditch, framed by a border of green foley.

A picture in search of a title

This picture has served as the wallpaper on my office laptop for some months last year (replacing the one from the big bolt story). Many colleagues wondered what the heck it portrayed, including a colleague who lives 500 yards from the apartment building in the reflection.

A few years back I would have thought of that as a good sign. The more estranging a picture, the better. At this moment I don’t care whether it is recognizable or not; the composition, colors and lighting should please me. And they do.

Content as I am with the picture, I have a difficult time coming up with a good title for it. The poor thing has been on file for some time as IMG_1244, which is due to my unimaginative camera. Alternatives I have considered include:

  • an arty-farty one:  Composition in Green, Gray and Orange,
  • Lying flat,
  • Rippling bricks,
  • an environmentally conscious one: City vs. Nature in three parts and
  • a factual one: Image of an apartment building in the evening sun, reflected in a ditch, framed by a border of green foley

But none of them really cut it. For now I will be keeping the current tag, which reads Picture in search of a title. Do you have a better one? Like one of the ones above? Leave a comment!


About Gooi Weg

Always travels with something on his head, and a camera in his pocket. Successful loser.
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