Toys. No, wait …

I wrote about the revulsion I felt for modern art in my early adolescence as well as about the slow seductive pull towards enjoying it in an earlier post. I even visit museums of modern art nowadays. Voluntarily.

Last summer it was the Amsterdam urban (Stedelijk) museum. Currently only a part of their collection is on display (calling themselves Temporary Stedelijk 2), because the building is being expanded. Even in this temporary incarnation, it’s an awesome, world class museum. As long as it exists, the people responsible for selecting the art works have had an exceptional taste, witness paintings by Malevich, Mondrian and Matisse.

Evidence the art selectors are still paying attention really well is in the collection of everyday utensils. These toy cars made me stop in my tracks. I was dumbfounded. My heart skipped a beat. Each model immediately stirred memories. My first toy ambulance. The fire car I got from my grandma. My parent’s marriage car. And this while the artist only kept the bare essentials.

The young designer Floris Hovers designed these Archetoys between 2007 and 2009. There’s sixty of them, of which apparently 31 are currently in production.

Wait. What? In production?

Yep, they are for sale somewhere. In an actual shop. If they weren’t such great pieces of art, I’d call it brilliant marketing.


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