The hay roll conspiracy

I don’t know of a better proof that aliens exist than the subject of this very photograph. These yellow thingstend to be suddenly there in the morning. Sometimes they take the shape of stackable looking cuboids, sometimes they form into these yellowish rolls. They usually appear in meadows, at measured distances from each other, but also on other places where grass is found, like on this strip of grass along a road.

Most probably you have been told, these are rolls of hay, made of grass (and other plants that happen to be in the meadow), created in a process called hay making. This is obviously not true; I have never ever seen this done. Oh, yes there are pictures of people or machines “making hay” of the plants in the meadow. These pictures are obviously fake; most are laughable photo shop jobs, but some look very convincing. Don’t be fooled; these pictures are actually staged by actors that are paid by the organization that was also responsible for the Roswell UFO incident cover-up operation at area 51.

This organization no doubt has had a firm hand in the detailed information on this wikipedia page, that goes on discussing the topic like it is something completely normal and of this earth. In this illusory description hay supposedly has a purpose (animal fodder for the winter season) and quality attributes (greenish, dryish is better than yellowish dry or wet) and alien presences escaping closed spaces by setting themselves on fire, is explained by a process of spontaneous combustion due to the hay being too moist.

You and I know the real story now. Pass the message on (before this page gets censored)!


About Gooi Weg

Always travels with something on his head, and a camera in his pocket. Successful loser.
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2 Responses to The hay roll conspiracy

  1. elmediat says:

    Hay rolls are the remains of crop circles. The cuboids and rolls are used to play an inter-dimensional game similar to Japanese game of goh. The conclusion of each game ends in a Big Bang.

    • Gooi Weg says:

      It took me a while to realize you are right! At this very moment the hay rolls (and cuboids) are getting stacked and packed and clustered together at the side of the board (known to the laymen as “fields”) for the next round.

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