Parallel existences: Bumps for the blind


As you might know from a previous post, I have some interest in parallel worlds. This picture is evidence of another one. This world is less obvious then the Terminal World. Contrary to Terminal, this one is accessible to anyone, and evidence can be found in most bigger cities in the form of rubber Paving stones, subtle ridges and bumps like these. It also is a world you won’t enter voluntarily.

It is the world of sound, smell and touch, the world of the Blind.

These bumps on a railroad platform are meant to warn the blind that stairs are coming. Connecting ridges guide them to keep to the middle of the platform, and stay clear of the railroad side. I wanted to write something here about how it is to be blind, and how this stuff helps, but that is something best left to a blind people. Two capable authors are Sabryie Tenberken (a strong-headed German girl who completed a university education and started a school for the blind in Tibet), and John Hull (a university lecturer who became blind later in life, who learned me to value the rain).

Sabryie Tenberken (2000) – My Path Leads to Tibet. ISBN 1-55970-658-9

John M Hull (1990) – Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness. ISBN 978-0281044443

John M Hull (1997) – On Sight and Insight: A Journey into the World of Blindness. ISBN 978-1851681419.


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