A sneaker and a leg

A red bridge detail, a sneaker, a leg and a bicycle

For some reason or other I had to be in Leiden for some hours. This left me the better part of a day to stroll around and take pictures. It was very sunny and the city is packed with photographable things. So I strolled around, taking pictures of colorful stuff, happy architecture and a wandering goose.

After my stomach decided it was time to hit home, I encountered a detail of a bridge, recently painted into a painfully fiery red. I knelt close down, framed until satisfied and pressed the shutter. After the shutter released a sneaker and a shapely brown leg had appeared in the picture, that hadn’t been there a second before. The owner of the leg and probably also the bike just magically transformed what might have been a boring picture in an interesting one. Thanks! (If you recognize your legs: leave a comment)

I have tried to repeat the effect later on with other innocent people passing by, but it is really impossibly hard to stage and I take it I just had good luck for this shot.


About Gooi Weg

Always travels with something on his head, and a camera in his pocket. Successful loser.
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3 Responses to A sneaker and a leg

  1. Anonymous says:

    A wandering goose? I think this needs some explanation Gooi…

    • Gooi Weg says:

      It’s just like I wrote. A goose was wandering between the crowds. Not a daily sight, so, having my camera at the ready anyway, I snapped it. I can share the picture if you’d like, but I warn you it’s of an offensively mediocre quality.

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