A ministry of finance


The design of the Dutch ministry of Finance in The Hague has long been a source of esthetic controversy. Until several years ago it was seen by many as an ugly blob of concrete. Which was at least in part true; there was much, highly visible concrete. This was not because the architects were lazy or had a lack of taste. Showing the construction materials everywhere, on the outside as well as in the inside of the building was central to the design philosophy.

When you take some minutes to study the concrete from a distance, you see the lines are arranged in careful rhythms. Close up you’ll see wood grain in the beams and columns. Just have a look at a detail from the northern corner. Doesn’t that just look plain gorgeous?

There’s not that many buildings built-in this style left in the Netherlands, and this particular building was stripped of its architectural roots between 2006 and 2008. If you’re interested, look up brutalism on Wikipedia.


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